Who we are...?

Silovia.Net is a wholly owned company, incorporated in 2015. From a humble beginning, Silovia.Net has over the years established herself as one of the industry’s fastest rising name. The Company has grown into a major supplier of Building Materials, serving the needs of local construction firms, as well as a major exporter to neighboring countries. To better serve the needs of our customers, we have strategically positioned ourselves in the Eastern and Western part, and together with our strong fleet of Lorries, we are committed to meet the expectations and satisfaction of our customers.

Mission Statement

We aim to provide investors with attractive investment returns through access to a steady stream of fully franked dividends and enhancement of capital invested. In this regard our primary goals are to pay dividends which, over time, grow faster and to provide attractive total returns over the medium to long term. We came with a clear mission in mind, the best possible way to secure our members This platform is easy to use, instant and requires no extra work. Once investors allocate their investments Package, they automatically receive their respective income without the hurdle of managing anything. We focus mainly on customer satisfaction and take out sound business policies and transparent transactions to become an ideal sourcing destination for all kinds of investments and this is the primary business that we do for now.

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